Saturday, 7 March 2009

Production Line Sewing....

....... or what I'll be using for wrapping Easter Eggs !

A small bag for DGD1 - who thinks she's a teenage even though she's a couple of years to go yet !!

..... pencil cases for her younger sister (plus a couple of friends who can't be left out !! )

.....and another for DGS

As we don't often get to see our grandchildren around Easter, it's usually a cheque in the post to the Mums so they can buy something on our behalf - this year we won't actually be there Easter weekend, but close enough to it so that we can leave a small egg and a pencil case full of goodies which will last after the chocolate has gone (Well - that's the theory !!!)

Another kind of production line sewing, I've been making my first string quilt blocks and I think I could be hooked!! (Not sure if my Spider's Web quilt counts as strings or not thinking about it !)

They are really scrappy as you can see - but what a wonderful way to use up all those "' Did I buy THAT! Why!!" fabrics, and I am sure there are some I couldn't have bought, maybe they just appeared :-) The really surprising thing is that they all look so good together !!

No special walks this weekend - the rain is back !!!!

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