Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Pressure's Off!

At last a couple of pieces of good news!  Firstly, it looks like the petrol stations are almost back to normal and we can get out to do some shopping at last!  Like everything else we take for granted, it's only when it's taken from us that we really appreciate it and have we missed our car the last 10 days !

Secondly, Amy  is hosting another Bloggers Quilt Festival  - this one for Fall 2010- so hurry on over and read all about it and get ready to join in.  The Spring 2010 Festival had over 700 entries so lots & lots of eye candy for everyone!

Friday, 22 October 2010

Difficult Times

Most people will know that here in France we are experiencing a period of some turmoil over reforms to the Pensions Act.  Sadly it has been a bad week for the country as a whole, but even sadder is the total disruption to many ordinary lives caused by blocking the supply of  motor fuels.

We, like many others,  live in a small hamlet several miles from any kind of shops,there is no public transport and we depend totally on our car for shopping,the post office, visits to the doctor and so on.  This doesn't mean that we drive every day but our car is not just a luxury.

Out of the 10 families that live in the hamlet we are the 'youngest' and saying that is stretching the  imagination somewhat.  We chose to live 'rural' and fortunately both DH and I are able to drive.  Most of the villiage is not  in this situation.  They have lived here all their adult lives; they are elderly; most are unable to drive and  we have two widowed ladies here also. 

Their children have grown up and moved away to find work. As they don't drive, they depend on their children visiting or mobile shops for their day to day needs - they also depend on the doctor calling or the nurse dropping in to check on them  All these facilities are about to come to a halt as there is no fuel  in our area, all pumps are dry.

As neighbours we do the best we can to help and keep a weather eye on them, but like most of the elderly  I have come across, they cherish their independence and sometimes feel that they are putting on you.

I have no strong political opinions and I don't pretend to understand the rights or wrongs of this current situation, but I do wonder how many other hamlets there are like ours facing the same problems - which at the moment look to go on for some time. I do think however that perhaps it is time to consider those who are already pensioners living in rural areas , and put a stop to  more of this.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Back Again

Well, here I am back in business again and hopefully for good this time!

The bad news is that our PC is still in 'hospital' for another couple of days, but the good news is that I am now the proud owner of a new laptop just for me  - how good is that!

One problem that we have is that whilst I am reasonably happy with the French language, unfortunately DH is not, so a QWERTY keyboard and drop down English menus were a must. Obviously this configuration is a rare animal in France so off to the UK it was - not that I am really complaining as it was another chance to get into the British supermarkets and stock up on all the goodies that we ex-pats miss :-)

It's taking a bit of time to get used to the different configeration on the new toy, but I am sure it'll all be OK soon .Lots to show you, but no photos this time I'm afraid as I am still working my way through all the 'destructions' - and there are plenty of them - but hopefully I will manage a less boring post before too long.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Really Poorly!

Things have gone from bad to worse, so I'm afraid it's off to the computer hospital for my PC and no internet for however long it takes to either get hold of a laptop or get this am  I going to cope in the meantime??

Good news is that my last knee treatment was on Tuesday and from tomorrow I am at least mobile and able to go looking.

Back as soon as.........

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Normal Service ....

.will be resumed as soon as possible!!

 Nasty little problems developing with my PC, some days it works  - others it doesn't!  Unfortunately, the not working days are winning at the moment so the hunt is on for a new laptop which will be for my new sewing room (!) providing we can get this one fixed for DH of course, so keep you fingers crossed for me :-)

In the meantime, no long posts with photos as it's taking all my patience to get this far after being shut down 4 times !!

I haven't been idle this week though, in fact I am sure I've got through more without the distraction of the internet.  All 15  Soot & Ashes blocks are finished and now we wait for Cheri to get back from her holiday to let us into the secret of how they all go together !  Also have 2 new mini quilts to show you and my half hexagon quilt is finished too. All in all a very good week if I count the hours sent on my 'practicing'.

Be back when I can with the photos !