Sunday, 6 June 2010


Found in Calpe Old Town....

.........Gotta admit they beat a plain wall any day of the week !

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Sun, Sea and Sangria

It's all starting to feel like a long time ago now, but our holiday in Calpe   has left us with lots of lovely memories

The promenade around the bay leading to the majestic penon de Ifach jutting out into the sea like a mini Gibraltar. 


Home mainly to all kinds of birds but also open to the more daring visitors who might feel like a little climbing adventure - me , I like to keep my feet on more level surfaces !  All along the prom was the 'tourist' area  and filled with the inevitable souvenir shops together with bars & cafes serving  meals of every description, they made choosing where to eat each day very difficult.

The other side of the rock sheltered the fishing port and was a little down market compared to the tourist-y area, but even more dramatic I think

Here the sea was more alive - don't you just love  'white horses'?

Inland was equally as beautiful in its own way with houses clinging to the mountainsides in a way that  made you wonder if they were defying gravity

But maybe they are all linked up with steps like these !!

Aren't they delightful - found in the 'old' town, but we'll keep that for another day.

Another  picture heavy post, but I can't go until I show you these (sand) Castles in Spain

Cheers All!!!