Friday, 31 August 2012

Bad Week!

Feeling very sorry for myself at the moment, as I'm just back home after 5 days in hospital after being diagnosed with kidney stones  - Ooouch !!

3 days on drips followed by 2 days of hospital food  (!!) has left me 5lbs lighter than when I left home , I'm very shakey still and unable to face food after several days of virtual starvation - ah well!!  It could be worse, and at least I'm home and in my own bed again :-)

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Episode 2......

........Jardins du Botrain.  I promised more photos of these delightful gardens, and these are just a few of those we took.

Not to keep stating the obvious, I'll let the photos speak for themselves, and then you can decided yourself if this is rather a special place or not !

As this post is, yet again,  getting photo heavy, I'll leave the lake until next time -  just one more and I'll see you soon -:)

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Still A Bad Blogger!

Don't know if it's the previous long break from blogging, the extremely hot weather we're having or I'm just getting lazy (!) but it's been difficult to get going again with regular postings.

However - as it's been some time since I showed you some of this beautiful part of France, I thought you might enjoy looking at one of the lovely gardens we've been visiting in recent weeks, so come with me to the beautiful Jardins du Botrain.

Just 45 minutes from home, I'm ashamed to admit that this amazing 18th century manor house and its gardens have been hiding away from us all the years we've been in Brittany !

The brochure reads ' come and discover the manor house

 its 18thC apiary

Japanese garden

complete with fish !


and Bonsai

Time to take tea ?

I think one of these visitors has his eye on that big fish !

Lots more photos  of the rest of the gardens, described as 'rooms of greenery, majestic mixed borders, rosebushes, maples and pond.......' and I promise ithey won't disappoint, but as this post is getting a bit photo heavy, I'll leave those until later in the week.