Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year !


Monday, 21 December 2009

Final Countdown!!

Well, here we are!  The final few days before the Big One!! Like probably every household on the planet we are running around trying to get everything finished and sometimes it feels as though we're not achieving anything at all :-)

Last jobs are going to cut some holly and mistletoe and getting the outside tree decorated now the snow has gone !  Yes, it rained during the night and the Winter Wonderland has left us and though it makes things a lot easier getting out and about - it ain't nearly so pretty!!!!

So before things get any more hectic............

A little something from me to you



              Merry Christmas ! 

Nadolig Llawen   Nedeleg Laounen
Happy Holiday     Joyeux Noel

Saturday, 19 December 2009

White Christmas ?

 It all started yesterday like this

 Then came this....

 ...and this

 ...and this!

 This morning's view from the bedroom window......

  ...not a sparrow in sight !!

Don't think it's going to last until Christmas Day, but it certainly is a Winter Wonderland at the moment !!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

A Little Sewing

 I've actually managed to find some time to hide away and get some sewing done and at last I've got a finish to show !

My Vintage New York Beauties from the book 'Radiant New York Beauties' by Valori Wells.  A fan of paper piecing I am not (!), but I'm glad I kept at it as the end result is worth all the frustration!

Like lots of quilters I've been collecting selvages, don't know why or what I thought I would do with them, but at least now I have something to collect them in (VBG!) A fun bag to make and too pretty to keep hidden away I think !

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Fall Quilt Swap

With everything that's been happening in the last few weeks,  I haven't mentioned the Quilting Bloggers   Fall Inspired mini quilt swap

Luckily this is one thing  I managed to get  finished and off to my partner Lynne  in the UK whilst it was still officially Autumn - but only just !  Unluckily  I forgot to take photos, so 'borrowed ' these from Lynne's blog

It's always difficult making for someone else, particularly when there are no guidelines as to preferences, but I think that Lynne is pleased with the little quilt !!  As I still had some of the lovely Cider Mill Road fabric, I though a basket of apples would be appropriate - the colours haven't come out as good as in really life unfortunately, but all in all it made a nice little quilt and one I found difficult to part with !

Thanks once again to Michele of Quilting Bloggers for organising the swap!

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Picking Up The Pieces

Well, I can't believe that almost a whole month has gone since I blogged -and a very strange , unsettling month it's been too, but hopefully now all is behind me and I can settle down into a more normal life - or at least what passes for normal this time of the year!! Less than 3 weeks to Christmas - can you believe it ????

First up, thank you to everyone who sent messages after my last posting, they were very much appreciated and its always good to know that you are out there!
Secondly, a very belated 'Thank You' to Nannette , my partner in the recent Friendship Bag Swap, for the wonderful parcel that I eventually received!

Now, that comment is in no way a reflection on Nannette, but  would you believe that , courtesy of La Poste , the package crossed the Pond twice!!  I was just starting to wonder why I'd not received anything in this swap when Nannette contacted me to say that she had indeed posted it back in early October only to have it returned to her a month later !  Why this happened remains a mystery - it certainly reached France and was correctly addressed complete with post code.The local PO are adamant that it never reached them so how the word 'inconu' came to be written on it is very strange, but luckily the second word 'retour' at least got it back safely  to the US!!  I guess we'll never know what happened, but I am so glad that Nannette not only got in touch, but resent it and that it finally arrived safely -  I am sure you'll agree it was worth waiting for!!

Stuffed to the brim !!

 Looks good from the back doesn't it , but look at the front!

 Cute or what?

Lots & lots of goodies, how lucky am I ?????  Thank You once again Nannette for being more than generous!!