Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Fall Quilt Swap

With everything that's been happening in the last few weeks,  I haven't mentioned the Quilting Bloggers   Fall Inspired mini quilt swap

Luckily this is one thing  I managed to get  finished and off to my partner Lynne  in the UK whilst it was still officially Autumn - but only just !  Unluckily  I forgot to take photos, so 'borrowed ' these from Lynne's blog

It's always difficult making for someone else, particularly when there are no guidelines as to preferences, but I think that Lynne is pleased with the little quilt !!  As I still had some of the lovely Cider Mill Road fabric, I though a basket of apples would be appropriate - the colours haven't come out as good as in really life unfortunately, but all in all it made a nice little quilt and one I found difficult to part with !

Thanks once again to Michele of Quilting Bloggers for organising the swap!

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Jeannie said...

Oh I love that! one of my favorite blocks too.