Sunday, 6 December 2009

Picking Up The Pieces

Well, I can't believe that almost a whole month has gone since I blogged -and a very strange , unsettling month it's been too, but hopefully now all is behind me and I can settle down into a more normal life - or at least what passes for normal this time of the year!! Less than 3 weeks to Christmas - can you believe it ????

First up, thank you to everyone who sent messages after my last posting, they were very much appreciated and its always good to know that you are out there!
Secondly, a very belated 'Thank You' to Nannette , my partner in the recent Friendship Bag Swap, for the wonderful parcel that I eventually received!

Now, that comment is in no way a reflection on Nannette, but  would you believe that , courtesy of La Poste , the package crossed the Pond twice!!  I was just starting to wonder why I'd not received anything in this swap when Nannette contacted me to say that she had indeed posted it back in early October only to have it returned to her a month later !  Why this happened remains a mystery - it certainly reached France and was correctly addressed complete with post code.The local PO are adamant that it never reached them so how the word 'inconu' came to be written on it is very strange, but luckily the second word 'retour' at least got it back safely  to the US!!  I guess we'll never know what happened, but I am so glad that Nannette not only got in touch, but resent it and that it finally arrived safely -  I am sure you'll agree it was worth waiting for!!

Stuffed to the brim !!

 Looks good from the back doesn't it , but look at the front!

 Cute or what?

Lots & lots of goodies, how lucky am I ?????  Thank You once again Nannette for being more than generous!!


Notjustnat said...

Hello Ann, welcome back. Yes, it had been a while since I saw you. Love you bag and the goodies inside it. Interesting story with the postal service - Hugs Natima

Gina said...

Glad you are back with us again.

I love all the goodies in that wonderful bag

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Annelies vdB said...

It is good to hear from you again.
Enjoy your presents.

*Ulrike* said...

That sounds like our post office sometimes!! Glad to see that you are back. I have had a ton of things happen here so I am a little behind on looking at blogs too. That is a wonderful goodie bag that was sent to you! Enjoy!

Suzanne said...

I've missed your post and wonderful photos...glad to see you home safe and sound. The bag is really cute!