Tuesday, 24 March 2009

A Bientot!

Well, things are starting to get rather manic around the place now that departure day is only one sleep away! Suitcases are being dusted off (isn't it funny what you find inside them from the last trip !!) clothing is being stacked in piles on the spare bed with the usual cries of 'I've got nothing to wear!!' William is hiding under the bed as he knows something not very nice may be happening to him soon , like being bundled into his travelling case and delivered to the cattery -which he hates, and I hate leaving him there so DH gets 'volunteered' for the job ! Trip to the PO to arrange for our post to be held until our return done! Grass cutting and strimming all completed so that we can come back to a reasonably tidy garden - Phew!!!!

Sometimes you have to wonder if all the preparation for this kind of trip is worth it - not a holiday as such, but usually a very tiring experience as we always end up trying to do too much!!Family and friends take up most of our time, but then there is the shopping (!) which is always a treat. We have some lovely shops here in larger cities like Rennes, but nothing really compares to the 'British' shops that we are used to for items not available in France!

Much as we enjoy our life in Brittany and hard as the preparations, disruptions and journey can be sometimes, I feel very glad that we are near enough to our children and grandchildren to make these frequent visits (and for them to visit us) . After all, what compares to a bear hug from a grown up son or daughter, or to a pair of chubby arms wrapped around your neck and a little voice whispering in your ear 'I love you Nannie!' ! This is really why we 'go home' and why it's not hard at all in the end !

I don't expect to post whilst I'm away, so 'au revoir' and take care until the next time!


Kristie said...

Have a wonderful trip! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Anonymous said...

Come home safely,


Suzanne said...

Have a wonderful time with the grandbabies...take lots of photos!