Sunday, 24 August 2008

Trip Around an Island

My day out treat this week was a bit of a change of direction ! Instead of the canal, we decided to head for the open sea and a day on l'Ile de Brehat which is situated 1 mile off the north coast of Brittany and just under 2 hours drive away from home.

It wouldn't normal take that long but ...... the sun was shining , a Bank Holiday weekend in the UK causing an influx of visitors, as well as the last week of the main summer holidays in Europe, it shouldn't have been such a a big suprise that once we hit the coast road we became part of one BIG traffic jam !! This is what happens when you break your own rule of keeping away from tourist hot spots on August weekends , and in spite of being tempted to turn around and head home (!), we did stick at it and eventually arrived at the ferry crossing.

The original idea was to cross to the Island and do some walking , but because of the age that it took to get there, the weather had sort of deteriorated and we were faced by this

Oooops !! Not nice!! Plan B anyone !!Luckily the ferry operators were running 'Trip around the Island' option as well as the standard crossing, so it seemed only sensible to spend the next 45 minutes under cover even if it was at sea!! It actually turned into a very pleasant experience and though it was a little gloomy and the water was just a tad choppy, the rain held off and we did stay on deck and and I took a few blurry (!!) photos - not an easy thing to do ,as I discovered there is no way you can stop the boat from moving !! So my apologies in advance for the quality of some of the pics!!
Grey seas & skies

followed by better weather
Ship(s) Ahoy !

Look out for rocks!!

After a very leisurely trip, it was back to the small harbour, dry land and lunch overlooking the bay !

This is now starting to turn into a long post (again!!), so I'll take you around the island another time !!

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Gina said...

Beautiful photos.

I've persuaded Mal that we might like to come to Brittany next year for our hols. Be warned.

Love and hugs Gina xxx