Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Traditional Breton Dancing

I am not going describe these photos, they are able to speak for themselves. I would like to mention a couple of facts though before your feast your eyes.

Each area of Brittany has its own destinctive lace cap for the ladies and they range from the simple to extremely elaborate - these caps are relatively simple. All the lace is handmade as are their lace gloves, and Brittany lace is quite famous in Europe.

Costumes also vary from region to region, but all the ladies wear black dresses under their aprons. In fact, wedding dresses used to be black and the wealth of the bride's family was determined by the amount and quality of the (black) embroidery it carried. I have seen wedding dresses so encrusted with embroidery and beads I don't know how the bride managed to make it to the altar ! Just imagine what that must have done to their eyes !

One of the nicest things about the Bretons keeping alive their Celtic traditions is, as you will see, that support comes from both sexes and all ages, shapes and sizes !

So, if you'd like to come along next August and try it for yourselves.....
....this is the village B & B

.......and I am sure the flags will all be out again to say 'Bienvenue' !!

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Kristie said...

How nice! I always love to see different traditions! I always enjoy reading your blog!