Wednesday, 6 August 2008

From Bad to Worse !!

Just when I was starting to think I was getting over the dreaded bronchial infection - wham !! - back it came again and this time even worse !! I really am fed up with feeling so terrible all the time, not to say feeling sorry for myself (and for DH who is getting the full force of my displeasure !!) Bed rest is all very well and good, but so BORING!!!!, there is only so much reading one can do and very little else !! At the moment I am waiting for the results of more blood tests to try and determine the cause of all this - honestly, I am begining to feel like one of Dracula's victims the amount of blood being drained from me !!! Moan! Moan!! Moan!!

I have to admit though that Sunday and Monday I had no ambition to get out of bed and that is a very bad sign (!) as normally I have to be strapped in, but all the coughing is really tiring me out( and making chest Xrays a bit difficult ) to say the least. Today is a lot better so far (dare I say it !!) so maybe the treatment is kicking in at last ! Its ironic really though - all this bed rest has given me such a bad backache, now I don't know what to hold when I get a coughing fit !!!

Sewing - well, that's become a thing of the past for the time being, but I did manage to get my Miniature Booty swap quilt finished and it will go off in the post some time next week. Also managed to get my August Birthday Block out in the post today as well as some red/white blocks for Clare . Not a great deal to show for 2 weeks is it , and no photos either I'm afraid, but just a little something to keep my hand in (when DH is not around standing guard !!!) . I did get a great big parcel yesterday with my batting and thread from Asding in the UK , so now I have no excuse not to get quilting once I am able !!!!


Suzanne said...

I hope the doctor finds out what is going on. It always sound fun to me to just lay around and read...then when I had to do it during the last couple of months of a pregnancy, it was awful!

I sent you an e-mail...welcome to the nature journal quilt challenge. I am glad you joined!

Desi said...

You know what's a really good thing to do when stuck in bed? Sew. Or read about sewing. Or plan to sew. Or knit.

Hope you're better soon!

Karol-Ann said...

Oh Ann, I do hope you feel better soon. Take this time to rest!!! There's plenty of time to sew when you're well again!