Monday, 11 August 2008

French Fete Days

'Fete' , a little French word with many meanings, and it comes from the verb 'feter' which means to celebrate . It does actually have an accent like so ^ over the first 'e' but I can't find it on the keyboard when I change from English to French!!

It means a religious feast day as in ' la Fete de l'Assomption', a Catholic feast day celebrated all over France on 15 August ; a public holiday as ' la Fete Nationale 'on 14 July ; 'la Fete de Noel' for the celebration of Christmas , and so on.

In France every day of the year is dedicted to a saint, and should you share your christian name with one of those saints, then you also get to share their 'Fete' day , and it is the custom to be wished ' Bonne Fete' on that day. For example, if my name had an 'e' on the end of it, then I would share a Fete Day with St Anne, which is 26 July. In fact 'Bonne Fete' cards are more common in this area than Birthday Cards!

It also means a festival, and we have Fete du Pain (bread ) Fete des Jumeaux (Twins),Fete des Fraises (Strawberries ) etc, etc, and August in particular, because it is the main holiday month in Europe, is a great time for Fete Days !!!


A very pretty village near to us , held a Fete des Artisans (Craftsmen/women) yesterday, and as I had been a good girl and taken all my meds (!) DH agreed to take me there for half an hour. Now this is nowhere near enough time to see everything, but I jumped at it because it was the first time in over 3 weeks I've had that kind of offer - well, to be honest it' s the only offer I've had. (LOL!).

These are just a few of the crafts represented at the show that I managed to see :

There were Spinners

...Artist working with metal....

and in wood...

.........he made this..

....which stands in front of the church .

Then there were some cushions .........

.....and I don't quite know what this was in aid of, but I certainly hope he hasn't annoyed her !!!!

According to the programme, there were also potters and basket-makers; glass blowers and jewellers; embroiderers and patchworkers ( I couldn't find them close by and my walking was restricted - Shame !!) Painters on canvas, glass, roofing & ceramic tiles ; makers of wind chimes, umbrellas/parasoles and wooden toys. Add to this bread baking in a tradional wood oven, threshing with a steam driven thresher, demos of roofing , face painting and pony rides. Models of everything bar the kitchen sink - there was even a scale model of EuroDisney Paris with all the rides intricately reproduced , put it all together to make a fabulous day out for eveyone in the family !! In fact if you could think of a craft - it was there !! We were only there for just under an hour (well , I had to try for some extra time didn't I ???) and the village was chock-a-block!!!

Finally, there were Breton Folk Dancers !

I have so many lovely photos of these dancers and their costumes that I will put them in a seperate post, tomorrow maybe, but right now its time for the dreaded nebuliser session and DH is already pointing to his watch so I'd best get out of here !!


Mad about Craft said...

Looks like loads of fun, such a shame you couldn't see it all.

Hope you get better soon, very soon!

Jo in Tas said...

The Fete looks like alot of fun and I particularly love the metal owl! Bit of fresh air would've have done you good too!