Saturday, 30 August 2008

Busy Week !

I've just realised that it's a week since I last posted - where does the time go !!

It's been quite a strange week really, most of it filled by follow up appointments after my surgery (all OK) and general appointments trying to sort out the 'chest' ! Then there's been a scrabble to try get the house into some sort of order before going off to Paris on Thursday. DH has done his best (bless!!) whilst I've been ill, but there are just somethings us gals do better !! Friday - well that was recovery from Paris day and a chance for the feet to stop aching :-) and yesterday has to have been the hottest day we've had all summer so not a lot was done !! Temperatures were as high as 40 in our garden , which admittedly is a little sun trap at the best of times, but it was still 27 when we went up to check Megan at 9 pm!! Today - well that's a different story as the grey oppresive skies are back and it is so clammy that it feels as though there is no air to breathe!

Before I post about Paris, I think I'd better finish with Ile de Brehat, so a brief explanation before I leave you to the photos.

Brehat is actually 2 islands joined by quite a small bridge, in fact when we went looking for the bridge we 'd crossed it before realising what it was (!) and at high tide the islands become seperated. It has a population of around 420 most of whom live on the south island which is less exposed to the elements. A very popular tourist attraction, it lies just 1 mile off the French coast and is a prime example of the 'Pink Granite Coast' as that part of Brittany is known. Being fed by the Gulf Stream produces a very mild micro climate which is reflected by the plants on the island. There are only only 4 cars so I understand , the Gendarmes, Doctor, Fire Brigade and I think the Mayor being the proud owners,so other than a couple of tractors, the only way to move about the place is on foot or to cycle !!

So to the photos !

If some of the photos look a bit fuzzy or not quite upright (!), it is because they were taken ( with difficulty ) from the boat .Now just to finish off some of the flowers & plants !

One day soon I will get around to showing some quilting :-) , and before I tell you about Paris, I really need to find out how to use Picasa or Flickr , they've got to be quicker to upload !!


Clare said...

Is that the place that Joanna Harris use for her book Coastliners?

Can't wait to hear about your trip to Paris. Did you go to the fabric quarter at Montmartre (Reine)?

Mad about Craft said...

It's very like the island of Sark,part of the Channel islands. Very few cars, if any, tractors and bikes for transport. We went there for part of our honeymoon 26 years ago!

Anonymous said...

You are the best picture taker!!!