Sunday, 17 August 2008

....And Another Abbey !!

Because of the restrictions placed on my normal way of life recently, I am trying to keep occupied without making too much of an effort and this is why we've been running around the countryside a little more than usual and also why I am now blogging about another Abbey !

Abbaye de Bon Repos - Founded in 1184, uninhabited and a virtual ruin, is as different to Timadeac as you can possibly imagine .

It is situated some 3 miles upstream from le Lac de Guerledan on the banks of the River Blavet , to the site of a once Roman bridge, (which gives you some idea of the history in the area) extensive renovation programme has been in place for some 20 years and there is still a great deal more to do as the photos show !

Renovated Cloisters

Original kitchen - fancy cooking lunch here !

Three stories high but not many floorboards left (!)

...just a few new windows and roof timbers!

The remains of the original abbey church are still to be seen, and the proposed renovation of this area alone is formidable !

Like Timadeuc, the atmosphere was peaceful and calm

...... until we came across this !

Son et Lumiere !! A Light & Sound display, usually historically based, and something that is very well done throughout France and well worth seeing if you have the opportunity. There is no language barrier at these shows, so don't worry about not understanding the commentary, the story is so well told through the acting, lighting and sound effects that you'll understand every word !!
The grounds around the Abbey had been staged as a medieval village.

and I am just sorry that we couldn't go back on Saturday night to see the show, but it is down in the diary for next year !!!


Kristie said...

Love the photos! Amazing history!!!! These places that you show are just breath-taking!

Elle Emm said...

Thanks for sharing. It's lovely to see all the pictures. I hope that you feel better soon.

Elizabethd said...

It is certainly worth seeing. We have some friends who always used to be part of the cast, and it was such fun to see them in full costume.
Now for your next outing, I propose an Autumn Fair, held in the grounds of Maison Mere de Lammenais, Ploermel. Sept 6th 2-5pm, in aid of the Anglican church and a local charity!
See you there?