Saturday, 16 August 2008

Another Fete Day !

Yesterday, as I mentioned, was a National Holiday here in France and as the weather did turn out reasonably fine, off we went with our picnic to Lac de Guerledan .

The largest lake in Brittany, stretching some 7 miles down the Blavet Valley to where a hydro-electric dam has been built across the river, it is also the reason why the Nantes-Brest canal is no longer navigable from end to end !

In an idyllic setting surrounded by the Quenecan Forest, the lake is a very popular spot for tourist and locals alike, and the whole place was filled with people from most of Europe judging by the accents !

Boating and water-skiing are obviously the most popular past times, but there is also some fishing as demonstrated by these 2 little German girls !

Swimming for the 4 and 2 legged varieties !

and even a Golden Wedding Anniversary celebration!

Phew!! After a good walk along the lake and all the other excitement, time for lunch, a few pages of my current novel (The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox by Maggie O'Farrell - an amazing book !) and a quick snooze for DH, it was off to the second Abbey in 2 days - but I will post later about that!!


Kristie said...

Such beautiful photos!!!! France looks so beautiful and peaceful!!! Can't wait to see more.

quiltgrl61 said...

Awesome pictures as usual!!!