Friday, 1 February 2008


I really do not like the month of February! Out of the whole year I find this the most difficult month to deal with - don't quite know why!

Perhaps its because it seems to be the one month of the year that there is nothing to look forward to. January is spent recovering from the Christmas festivities; March means daffodils showing their bright faces & being Welsh this is very important to me; April & May mean better weather (!) and longer days; June, July & August are usually filled with visitors from the UK ;September is our holiday month and then before we know what has happened is November (DH's birthday month )and then off we go into December and the build up to Christmas !

Normally in February we try to give ourselves a little treat just to break up the month, this year though everything has been put on hold because of my health problems....BUT as I am feeling much better and have even got my own voice back, I feel a special day out coming on! At the moment it is a choice between a day in Paris and maybe another visit to the Louvre - an easy day out and one we often take advantage of thanks to the wonderful TGV (Train Grande Vitesse or High Speed Train) service that we have from Rennes which gets us in Paris in 2 hours 10 minutes OR a trip to Jersey in the Channel Islands, again just one hour by ferry from St Malo, to do some 'British' shopping!!
Difficult choice!!!! - Anyone like to help me decide ??


Jill Smith said...

Paris would be my choice Ann as its my favourite city in the world.
I have subscribed to Paris Breakfasts were each day she does a water colour and its all on pastries in Paris and the pictures she takes are fantastic so after just reading it l would have gone to Paris in a heatbeat,

MargaretR said...

Paris any day Ann. Glad you are feeling so much better.