Saturday, 26 January 2008

Sunshine on my shoulders.........

........makes me happy!! (apologies to all John Denver fans out there!). The last 2 days have been glorious, blue skies and sunshine all the way !! Mark you, this has only happened after a chilly start each morning of -5 degrees, but the finer weather is so very welcome after all the wet, grey days we had during the end of December and into January.

Just a short post today to update you on the dreaded bug ! Yet another Dr's appointment , and he has now decided that I have acute bronchitis bordering on asthma ( HA!!) I am back on the cough syrup but have managed to loose the antibiotics after a protest - I just couldn't see how another course was going to help after taking them for 17 days!!! In the end we agreed but part of the deal is that I now have to use an asthmatic 'puffer' twice a day, and , joking aside, my chest is starting to feel less tight and I am not so breatheless since starting to use it.Watch this space !!!!

One other thing to share - a small miracle happened in my kitchen this lunchtime, a portion of one wall suddenly glowed in rainbow colours ! Just before becoming ill I had re-arranged some pieces of furniture (as we women do!) and a free standing unit got place in line with a window. I had glass vase of flowers on the unit and for just a few minutes the angle of the sun on the glass & water was just right for prisms to appear ! It didn't last long unfortunately, just time enough to grab a couple of pics!!

On the left the prism has hit on a black upright beam and looks almost metallic . The right one is a cupboard door and you can so clearly see the wood grain .They also appeared on the cooker and other boring items, but I didn't think you'd want to see those!!

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