Tuesday, 8 January 2008

........More Rain !

Life, so the saying goes, begins at 40 , and for me 40 was certainly the start of a wonderful experience that changed my life - I fell in love with horses and learned to ride, perhaps not a big deal in itself, but for me with not only a fear of heights, but also frightened of horses, perhaps a tad ambitious !! Now, don't let anyone tell you that it is only teenage girls that become 'horse mad' as I can assure you that these animals can steal your heart at any time of life!! For me the magic started when I saw a solitary horse and rider cantering along the surf line of a beach early in the morning , and that was the beginning of my passion for horses!! It took me 2 years of strained nerves and countless lessons, not to mention a couple of falls, before I got to 'ride the surf' , but the journey was worth it!! After a few of years riding hired horses, we took the plunge and became the owners of Knaresborough Nutmeg, or Megan as she is known, a beautiful bay mare, 3/4 Thoroughbred x Cleveland Bay.

Now Meg and I have had lots of adventures over the years. We have hacked out at every opportunity ...

.......we've competed at Dressage

......and even won a few place Ribbons !

Before our move to France, we've ridden mile upon mile all over South Wales and the West Country,opening & closing countless gates (not that easy when you are sitting over 5 foot up in the air !!) through rivers and forests,up hills and down valleys, jumping off banks and over fallen trees ,getting lost in the mist and coming in very cold & tired ,and very often wet, after a 25 mile ride , all being part of the 'fun' competing in Endurance Riding events.

Throughout these escapades, and not counting the Head Groom & extra stable hand DH, Megs has been my only companion & my best friend, and one that has taken very good care of me in all sorts of situations, and although I love her dearly, in weather like this

I sometimes can't help but wish that she was the size of a rabbit and we could both stay in the dry and out of the mud!!!

Megs, like me, has now reached that 'mature' time of life and is enjoying her retirement at a grand age of 26 .Our riding days are unfortunately over ,mainly due to our stiff & achey joints (!!) but...I still get to enjoy her company every day. Our 15 years together have been very special and I am privileged to own such a strong but gentle & kind creature - or is it that she owns me, who knows !!!

Spring , in spite of all the rain, must be around the corner as I found this peeping out in a sheltered spot of the garden ! Proof indeed !!

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MargaretR said...

I did enjoy that Ann. I've only ever riden a horse once and I enjoyed the experience. I was very young.