Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Decision Time !

Bugs 1 - Modern Medicine 0

So after 15 days of antibiotics and all other treatments my surgery has been cancelled!Given the suspense of the last few days I don't know if I am sorry not to be going (!) or relieved ! I will have to go before too long , but as I feel my general health has suffered over the last weeks, and infection aside, perhaps surgery wouldn't have been a good idea at this time! We are very fortunate to have excellent Health Care here in France, possibly the best in Europe , no such things as waiting lists would you believe, so having to cancel at the last minute didn't seem to bother the hospital staff at all - the attitude was 'don't worry, just let us know when you would like to reschedule'!! Today I am off for chest & sinus X-Rays, so we'll see where I go from there, I just wish I could stop coughing and maybe get my voice back to normal 'cos at the moment I sound like a very bad impersonation of Dastardly !!!!
Enough complaining !! Yesterday also brought a treat - I was allowed out of the house for half an hour to go see Megan, the first time in ages!! As it didn't actually rain all day , DH ( Chief Stable Lad promoted to Head Groom )granted me visiting rights for a few minutes BUT only if I agreed not to play in the mud with her !! It really was great to get out of the house, as other than doctors' appointments , I have been confined to barracks for the last 2 weeks, mainly because of the foul weather and also staying in a constant temperature seems to lessen the coughing !

I did manage a sneak around

the garden at the same time

and found more evidence of


These were another little surprise, a small gift from a friend to cheer me up - aren't they lovely?
Hopefully, by tomorrow life will settle down into a more normal routine and I will get over feeling sorry for myself and do something constructive for a change !! Might even force myself to the nearest fabric shop for a pick- me-up !!!


MargaretR said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better Ann. Cancelling surgery would have been a total disaster here in Wales. Heaven knows when you could get fitted in after that. all the best. Let us know how it's going. I'm sure Megan was pleased to see you?

Jill Smith said...

Hi Anne,
Love your blog and the picture's are beautiful and the spring flower's l could have just picked some.
Sorry to hear you have been ill, but l have the dreaded chest problem now and am couging all the time and at night is waking me up.
Also its stopped me doing my three show pieces but l will get cought up.
Am glad you saw Megan, if your husband has any time could he come and be my nurse for a bit as only problem being on your own and ill you have to look after yourself, tell him a cup of tea with no sugar please would be great.
Tip, look at you can get things for your blog and don't need to know hmtl as they do it,
Jill xxx