Saturday, 19 January 2008

Marking Time

I am due to go into hospital on Wednesday next to have some minor surgery on a nasty varicose vein in my right thigh that I 've been having a lot of trouble with. As this is the second time I've had this problem, I 've been told the procedure is a little more complicated than before & I've not really been at easy with having it done, but common sense has kicked 'cos who wants DVT! Now, would you believe, I have developed a chest infection !! For the last 10 days I have been swallowing antibiotics until I feel I am going to rattle, dosing up on the most disgusting cough syrup you can ever imagine and now - to cap it all- I have to use a nebuliser 3 times a day !! The tablets and cough syrup I have been coping with, but the nebuliser I do not like!! After 10 minutes treatment it I feel as though I have been hit by a 10 ton truck,fuzzy headed and so tired I can't describe. I know it is for my own benefit and I really do not want to postpone this surgery at such a late date, so I only hope that it does the trick - the trouble is that by the time I recover from one treatment it is time for the next !! Tuesday morning I have to see my Doctor for him to have a 'listen' and then depending on what tune I am playing (!), we will decide if I am fit for surgery or not about going to the wire!!!!

Because of all this uncertainty, I can't seem to settle to anything, so I have been trying to keep occupied with small sewing projects. I've made up the Origami Bag kit that was amongst my Christmas presents ,which was nice & easy , but I think I will be loosing the ribbon and replacing it with cord !!
Something else I have been wanting to try is the Mongolian Knot block pattern, a present from a friend lucky enough to get to the International Quilt Festival in Birmingham last August, where she found it. I had planned to go over for the show, but, as it does, life got in the way and I didn't make it ! This is the block I made yesterday afternoon.

As a matter of interest, this is an explanation of the Mongolian Knot :

The ölzii, or never-ending knot, is a traditional Mongolian motif symbolizing the dynamic expanse of the universe and the endless cycles of life and death. It brings long life and prosperity, and drives away wild beasts and evil spirits. This symbol is used widely in Mongolia as decorative art

For anyone who wants a quick quilt, this block is 18 1/2" finished size and it really was not as complicated as I first thought. !!!

I've added Mont St Michel to my 'Images of Brittany' photos and although there is some debate as to whether the monument is in Brittany or Normandy, the black & white flag on the left is certainly the official Breton flag, so I think I am safe with this one !!!


MargaretR said...

I do hope your chest infection will have cleared up by wednesday Ann. I forgot to mention it earlier.

Quilting Diva said...

I hope you feel better soon. Take care.