Monday, 14 January 2008

Pigging Out !

The weather here in Brittany hasn't changed at all over the last week, except to get possibly worse with the arrival of high winds, so today's few hours of sunshine were a rare treat, and not to waste this bonus, we decided to go visit a small farm we'd heard about where they raise free range pigs !!! Now I know there are many pig lovers out there, but I bet even those of you who wrinkle their noses at the thought wouldn't be able to resist these 9 days old cuties !

Mother wasn't too far away keeping a watch on their antics

and these are the other kids in the neighbourhood!!

Come on in - the mud is fine !!!

These pigs are traditional Old English breds , Red Tamworths and Gloucester Old Spots , they are the pride and joy of Lynn & Martyn, a very special couple who have relocated to France to follow their dream ! It was just so lovely to see them running free and having a great time in all the mud ! A strange choice for an afternoon out perhaps, but very enjoyable , and I now know a lot more about pigs !!

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