Monday, 7 January 2008


I think it has only stopped raining for one day since 23rd December ! After our cake eating , we felt in need of some exercise and decided to try and get a walk in around the lake ( Lac au Duc) at Ploermel, which is our nearest town some 20 kms away. Ploermel's claim to fame is that it was once home to the Dukes of Brittany back in the 16th century and indeed still boasts one of the residences dating back to 1586 !(More about this later !!) As you can see from the colours in the photo, it was still raining, lightly to start with and then after a few hundred yards it absolutely poured down!!

The only ones that didn't seem to mind the weather were the large numbers of ducks skimming about the place !

You can see from the trees at the edge of the lake how much the level of water has risen from all this rain

One other thing we have a lot of in Brittany besides water (!!) is mistletoe . DH has been convinced for a long time that I am part Druid, hailing as I do from Snowdonia, so it is no surprise to him that I feel at home amongst the stone circles and megaliths of Brittany , rushing around taking pictures of mistletoe !!!!! It is quite normal to see

trees draped with bunches of mistletoe like this and not just apple trees, in fact Silver Birch seems to be a very accommodating host!!

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