Friday, 29 February 2008

Post !!

The second book arrived today together with some more fabric - a little like a mini Christmas again!! I have had a quick look through the book but have stopped myself reading it as I really must finish the CWD stories first!! I hadn't thought to make any more blocks before the weekend, but as usual, couldn't resist trying a few from the second book !!

Friday nights this time of the year always bring a few extra sewing hours as DH is glued to the TV watching his beloved rugby and doesn't notice that I am still in my sewing room well after the agreed curfew (!) so here are this week's second lot of blocks - They are a bit of a mixture from both books and mostly blocks that took my fancy and not from the suggested list

Top - Florida has Seceded (LL) Soldier's Box (CWD)

Bottom - My Greatest Trial (LL) Severe Fighting (LL)

Top - Going to Richmond (LL) A Pleasant Campaign (LL)

Bottom - A Consoling Thought (LL) Mr Rabbit (LL)

Making these little blocks is a bit like fair isle or Aran knitting - you MUST get the next row done to see the pattern take shape ! Lots of fun really !!!

The bad news is that I no longer have an excuse to make any more at the moment, as the backing fabric for my latest UFO was in the parcel that arrived today, so its the dreaded task of pinning and basting over the next few days before I can 'play' again I'm afraid !!!

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Juliann in WA said...

Your blocks are lovely. And there is not reason you couldn't work ahead!