Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Customer Service

Having played about for far too long, I decided to start another scrappy quilt using the large number of boring 'browns & neutrals' that I seemed to have gathered when buying stashbuilding bundles. Now, I know many of you would not even consider a scrap quilt, but I love them and to me they epitomize 'patchwork & quilting'. Having pulled out all the offending colours and made a few trial blocks, I decided that it didn't look too bad at all, especially if I kept the background colours all the same. Out came the rotary cutter and off I went happily cutting away then ....Horrors!!! I didn't have enough background fabric !! I got in touch with the shop I had bought from original but they had sold out -so I contacted the manufacturers to ask if they would supply me out of their stock, or tell me where I might find some. This was about a week ago, and I am still waiting for an acknowledgement of my e-mail ! In desperation I Googled the fabric and eventually found a shop in New Hampshire that had stock!!

Now - this is a lesson in Customer Service ! I sent out an e-mail on Saturday evening asking about shipment to France, got a reply on SUNDAY morning and my fabric was posted Monday!! All this from a shop that I have never dealt with before !! I had not even expected a reply before Monday so to have this kind of service was wonderful, even more so given that it is only a small order. It just goes to show that small is best and I will certainly be buying again from Mary Jane Carey at !


Nellie's Needles said...

It's heartening to hear of good and caring service. Why is that such a rarity these day?

I found you by linking back through "referrals" in my site counter. I just had to check out someone who would visit twice in one day. How did you find my blog? I'm honored to be listed in your sidebar.

I see that your blog is fairly new. Welcome to blogland.

Ann J said...

Can't remember how I found your blog, Nellie, but I love your 'Lake Views' & 'Pairie Flowers' & only noticed your tutorials yesterday - didn't have enough time to follow the link on my first visit so went back for another fix!!