Tuesday, 19 February 2008

This and That

As promised , here is the photo of Susan Lenz's FPC - isn't it lovely ? The photo doesn't actually do it justice as the colours are so vivid in 'real life' and the texture of the card is quite something !
This is my card, I am rather pleased with it as it is something quite different for me! I have used FME on water soluble fabric to make the leaves and the 'branches' are machine wrapped cord. The background is a mixture of natural and synthetic silks with free motion quilting.
Update on Megan is that the wound is already starting to heal, but the leg is still quite hot, although a little cooler than yesterday. I don't think it helped having the farrier call today - I had completely forgotten that he was due !! She was her usual laid-back self for 3 of her feet but we did have a bit of a performance with the injured limb - however, she eventually calmed down and accepted her fate !!! It would probably have been more sensible to cancel, but getting an appointment with the best farrier in the area is just so difficult !!(Not to mention the fact that it had slipped my mind!!!)
I have decided on the borders for the Coffee and Cream quilt, so I will be leaving the Civil War Diary blocks for the time being as I am still waiting for my book and I think I have exhausted the blocks I can make without it - that is unless somebody else in the Group posts a new block for me to copy !!! I will catch up later, I have so enjoyed making these little blocks so far!

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