Thursday, 14 February 2008

Catch Up !

I can't believe that nearly a week has gone since I last blogged, doesn't time fly when you're having fun ! Because of the glorious sunny (but somewhat cold!) weather we've been having, I've spent a great part of the week trying to get some walking done to make up for not exercising during practically the whole of January !! Luckily, the area near to Megan is a maze of 'chemins' or lanes used for access to the fields surrounding the paddocks. Totally traffic free except for the odd tractor ploughing now & then, it is a quiet and peaceful place to be especially early in the morning. Because of the lack of human intrusion it is also a bird paradise, and with the sunny days seeming almost like Spring, the birdsong at the moment is delighful !!

On the sewing side I've cracked on with my 'coffee & cream' blocks and only have another 4 to make before adding borders , very satisfying ! I've also finished off the little still life thread painting that I posted earlier on the Blog, no longer a UFO but a small wall hanging !

Two more FPCs, the one on the left is from Brigitte in Angers (Merci, Brigitte!!) for our 1 to 1 swap, 'Fibre Collage', and on the right is my card for her

Talking about postcards, I have taken the plunge and joined Susan Lenz's Cyber Fyber Exhibition ! If you haven't already done so, have a look at her site ( ) There are some beautiful PCs and ATCs still available to swap. I have agreed to swap PC 58 with Susan and I am looking forward to receiving her card and seeing it in 'real life'!! There are some really talented ladies taking part in this venture - I only hope my offering comes up to scatch. It should be ready to post by the weekend and then we'll keep our fingers crossed !!!!

Our plans to get away for a day this month have been put on hold, unfortuately, as the cattery where William takes his holidays is closed for February! As a consolation prize we had thought at least to go to the coast tomorrow for a bit of a walk but as ,we will be having unexpected company for Saturday (!) , it will be off to Rennes to the supermarket instead !! Ah Well! There's always next week I expect !

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