Thursday, 21 February 2008


When I posted my Civil War Diary blocks yesterday, I said that I thought the block in the top LH corner was probably wrong - what I didn't notice was that block in the top RH corner most certainly had a mistake in it!! Just to put the record straight - it is now corrected!!!

Haven't done a great deal of sewing today with one thing and another, and the usual chores have taken so much longer than normal as I have been walking around like a zombie after setting the alarm for 3.30 am (!!) so's that I could see last night's eclipse!! It was quite foggy here in Brittany, but even so the moon was clearly visible and we did manage to see up to about 75% of the eclipse - after that we were both so tired we decided to call it a night!! However - I did surface about an hour later and took a peek outside and the eclipse was total - BOY!! Was it dark!!! As we live well out in the country we have no 'luxuries' like street lighting ,which is a good thing as it means there is no light polution and we have incredible starry nights as a result, but last night I realised how much we depend on the moonlight, even on a cloudy night!!!!

One thing I did manage today was the monthly Chooseday Challenge. This is a Yahoo Group ( run by Cat, from Oz, and every first Tuesday of the month she randomly chooses a word out of the pool and the challenge is to see how everyone inteprets the theme by the end of the month! This month's word was Acid(!) and I have been wracking my brains on what to come up with - I then remembered that I had some rust and copper dyed fabric (made with vinegar aka acetic acid) and have spent hours gazing at it until at last I 'saw' this !

With a little bit of poetic licence I think it looks like a blown rose - it can't be too bad as even DH said it looks like a flower and if he can see it ...........................!! I don't think I will be doing much sewing on rust dyed fabric though as the Bernina did not like it at all! I don't know if it has something to do with the rust deposit that gets left in the fabric in spite of several rinses, but I certainly had a problem !!

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