Monday, 18 February 2008

Busy Day !

The day started out as normal but when I went up to the paddock to check Megan -over night she had managed to injure herself somehow and had a nasty wound on her back leg! Panic stations as usual and a very twitchy horse who would not let me near her let alone spray her leg with the antiseptic 'first aid' spray!!! Eventually I managed to catch her and get a headcollar on, but she was obviously not a happy person and kept waving her hind leg about - this is never something I am happy about I have to admit (coward that I am !!!). Rushed back home to get some ointment to put on it - but none to be found! It seems to have disappeared into a black hole so nothing else to do but a drive to the vet to get some more. Back to Megs with DH in tow, and with him holding her head and me lifting the waving foot off the ground , we eventually got something on the wound!! Now - so far not too bad, but this afternoon I had to go back to the vet again as William (our cat) had an appointment for his annual booster - so all in all this took care of most of my day !!!

On top of all this the washing machine has decided to 'retire'! Having put a load of washing in whilst I was preparing lunch, there was the most dreaful noise you have ever heard ! A tremendous BANG!! followed like what sounded like the whole of the inside of the machine falling apart !! A quick sprint across the room to hit the off switch stopped the noise, but I was left with a rather unpleasant smell (!)- after all this, I think it would be fair to say that I will be having a new machine before too long !!!

That's finished with all the bad news so - the good news is that I have received my postcard from Susan Lenz of Cyber Fiber and it is beautiful! Mine is packed ready to go , but the post office doesn't open until tomorrow ! I will post pics of both cards next time.

I made another great discovery on my wanders through Blogland - a invitation to join a group of girls to make a 'Civil War Diary Quilt ' using the book of the same name and' Civil War Love Letters'. I have looked with longing at this quilt for some time but never had the bottle to give it a try, but now I have joined in (!!) and have made a start on the blocks. The aim is to make at least 3 blocks per week until there is enough for a quilt. Yesterday I managed 6 so I am off to a good start I think. I have ordered the book but nothing has arrived yet, so the blocks I 've been making are the 'easy' ones that I 've seen on Blogs and have been able to make from the pictures. These are the blocks so far - I think I must find another way of taking the pictures though as they certainly don't look square - but I promised they are !!!!

Before I get too carried away with this project though, I must get the borders sorted out on my 'coffee & cream' blocks and get that project finished before my daughter arrives for the Easter break !!


MargaretR said...

What a busy day! I hope Megan will be OK, never mind the washing machine, that can easily be replaced.

Kathie said...

the blocks are wonderful!

glad you joined us!

Hope the rest of the day turns out perfect!
what a day you have had!

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Your CWDQ blocks are looking good. Bet you can't wait for the books.