Wednesday, 20 February 2008

More Blocks!!

Just a short post tonight to say that my 'Civil War Diary'books still haven't arrived (!!) but I have managed another 4 blocks courtesy of postings on the Sew Many Blocks Blog Ring ! These really MUST be the last for a few days I have so much else to get on with - they are just so addictive though !

The block in the top LH corner is actually wrong (!) it should have been made up in 3 colours, but I have to admit I quite like it the way it is, so if it doesn't offend anyone , I think I will keep it! I should also be naming the blocks and I will correct this once my books arrive and I know what they are!!

Megan continues to improve but is still a bit twitchy about letting you touch the leg ,making it a problem to clean it and apply a new dressing. We bought her some herbal 'sweeties' today as a bribe to get her to stand still - she does so love them and she tries to nuzzle her way into your pocket to fish them out !! Well - its one way to take her mind off me poking about her leg!!! Actually, she is very patient with me !! William is also a little under the weather after his booster jabs and is sleeping a great deal, always a little worrying as normally he races around the place like a rocket, but I am sure he'll be back to his usual self tomorrow !

I also found a lovely box in Rennes today - couldn't resist it ! This is the top, but it opens up into a cute little work box with a sliding tray complete with compartments to hold all the 'fiddly' bits !!

I really must learn to take photos that come out in perspective !! It is different though. itsn't it ?


Caryn said...

There is no right or wrong - do the blocks however you like them best! You live in a beautiful area! Your pictures look like postcards.

Marilyn R said...

Your blocks look great! I joined in on the fun today and ordered my book. I am going to wait until my book arrives to begin - I think! It may depend on how long it takes Mr. Postmas to bring my book to me!

Juliann in WA said...

Welcome to the Civil War group. Enjoy the journey. These blocks are very fun to make.