Saturday, 28 February 2009

February Finish!

Just in time - my 'green' quilt!

'Please Do Not Adjust Your Set' !! It's not actually green in colour but my attempt at recycling!

DD has just finished redecorating her guest bedroom ready for our visit in 3 weeks time and a little while ago asked if there was any chance of a blue and white quilt with a 'shabby chic' look to it, and could I take it over with me - well, what do you do say?? I am not the biggest fan in the the world of colour co-ordinated quilts, lovely as they are, they are just not me. Added to this was the difficulty of getting hold of the right fabrics in this area - plus - how do you make a quick quilt !!

Then I remembered seeing this quilt on Amanda's blog ! I'm afraid there were no vintage sheets lurking anywhere, but what I did unearth were a couple of barely used 'retired' duvet covers (who needs duvets now we have quilts?) which I thought might fit the bill - and this is the result !! Overall it measures 6ft x 4ft 6inches , and I am really pleased with the way it turned out, I even pieced the backing out of cut-offs . (forgot to take photo though!!)

I finish the quilting (large stipple) about a week ago, but for some reason it has taken ages to get the binding turned - but now it's done, washed and dried and packed in a large brown paper bag (courtesy of Ikea!) ready to catch the ferry !!

I e-mailed a photo to DD saying that if she didn't like it, or didn't want it, I wouldn't be offended as it would go very nicely in one of my own bedrooms (!) - the reply was 'it is lovely and don't you dare forget to bring it !!' - Ah Well! It was worth a try :-)

Do you remember this photo from last week ?

Same spot today !

I think you'll agree that was some extra volume of water !!!


Elizabethd said...

I love the quilt....if your daughter doesnt want it........!

Jovi said...

I love this blue beauty!