Sunday, 22 February 2009

Presidents' Residences !

As there has been lots of 'Presidential' talk over the last few weeks, and in case you need something to do this afternoon (!) I thought you might like to pop over to Paris and take a vitual tour of one of the French Presidential buildings - Le Palais de L'Elysee !

Once each photo has uploaded, just left click, hold down and move the mouse SLOWLY around the mat! I say slowly as otherwise you may become a little disorientated - and don't ask how I know that :-) You can also zoom into any feature by using the 'wheel ' on your mouse.

It really is worth a visit !!!!

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Joan said...

Wow - and that's an understatement. I thoroughly enjoyed the visit, particularly being able to look up at the details of those gorgeous ceilings! Thanks for sharing.