Friday, 20 February 2009

Funny How Time Slips Away!

I just can't believe where this week has gone again , and being a Country & Western fan (!) couldn't resist 'borrowing' Willie Nelson's words for the post title !

Its been a strange week one way and another, I seem to have been busy the whole time, but have nothing to show for it! Perhaps the fact that the builders have been in turning the place upside down has something to do with it - or perhaps its just because its February! I have a major problem with February -I hate it!! Even though its the shortest month, for me its also the most 'down' month of the year, don't ask me why, I just don't know, but I am always glad when February is over !

The builders are in because we've actually decided to renovate the last part of our house! This has been on our minds for a couple of years, but to be honest we got to the stage where all we were doing was working on the renovations and that really wasn't why we came to Brittany, so it was put on a (VERY) slow burner until we decided what we wanted to do with the very large grenier (attic) over the cob part of the house ! The funds for this job have been put aside in France for a long time too, so haven't fallen foul to the £s / Euro exchange rate that we're all suffering from at the moment!! The bad news is that there is a mess everywhere - the good news is that I have claimed the biggest part of the new area as my sewing room!!!!! Much as I love my little room ( just a large cupboard really!) it will be great to have some more space eventually !

I have lots more news as well as photos for you, but just for now as I am pushed for time (again!) and I don't like to post without a photo - one of the new little foal that arrived just over a week ago, 3 days old when this was taken & she is gorgeous!!!

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Suzanne said...

She's beautiful...what a nice addition to the family! Looking forward to seeing your new construction!