Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Morning After !

Well, the forecast almost got it right - the winds did increase but to a greater strength than anyone expected! Not long after midnight the storm hit the Brittany coast at an average speed of some 120 km an hour (that's 75 mph!) It came up from the South East, cut a swage right through Northern France and was last seen heading towards Germany ! This photo (courtesy of Orange France) shows the force of the wind this morning on the Normandy coast , well after the 'big blow' went through!

At 2 am we awoke to a very loud roaring noise and for a moment couldn't think what it was - and were amazed when we realised it was the wind ! The power of it was frightening & the noise undescribable and as we stood watching the trees all around us bending almost in half from the force , I can tell you everything was crossed (!) hoping nothing fell on or near the house!!

It carried on gusting like this for most of the night and only really abated with the dawn and we have been very fortunate not to suffer any damage . All the houses in the village are OK too, which is a relief as most of the other residents are very elder folk !

The really bad news is that it is forecasted to happen again tonight and Northern Brittany is on Orange Alert for heavy falls of snow and hailstorms thrown in for good measure ! Now we are slap bang in the middle, so what we'll wake up to tomorrow is anyone's guess !

But, after every storm there is a bright patch, today is sunny and dry although still extremely windy and we even have some of the survivors from last night's battering !

Spring perhaps ?????


www.bretagne-tours.com said...

The weather was much niccer in Rennes !!! Do you live by the sea ???

Karen said...

OOOOOhhhhhh...I don't like the wind. Hope they blow away soon. Beautiful camillias;) Your sidebar pictures are great!