Monday, 9 February 2009

The North Wind.....

.......doth blow!! And we shall have snow!

Not a great deal admittedly, more like a sprinkling of icing sugar (!) but what we have had is rain, rain & hail, and then more rain!! Add to this not just the North wind but the East wind too which I swear has been coming straight from the Russians Steppes and it has been a very unpleasant weekend!

The normal trickle of a stream that runs through the villlage is swollen to a raging torrent , any minute now the village will be divided in two, and the low lying fields are under inches of water and no sign of a break in it either!! But -much as the pouring rain is driving me out of my mind, I am grateful that we didn't get snow, as 4 years ago we had a fall of approx 14 inches overnight and it was a nightmare!! This part of the world is certainly not geared up for big snow falls, it was 9 days before we could get out of the village other than in our very ancient Landrover, and , much as we love her - you would not want to travel very far in her - she gives a new meaning to Shake, Rattle & Roll !!

The wind is increasing as I write and we've already had a number of trees blown over and I expect there'll be quite a few more as the forecast for tomorrow is for even stronger winds!! The weather conditions throughout the world all seem to be vying toward the extremes and whilst we are not suffering like Australia and many other countries, you have to wonder where it is going to stop !

It has been several days now since I ventured out, I do not want to give the 'chest' a chance to get any worse - in fact it is a lot better, but I am not taking any chances ! We should have gone to pay for and arrange delivery of the new bed at the end of last week, but that hasn't happened I'm afraid, so we have a lovely newly decorated bedroom but no bed !!

Not a lot of sewing really, I have finished block 2 of Verandah Views

and Once Upon A Time (no gold button yet!)

but otherwise just a couple of fabric baskets to show , one from here

and the other from here

both of them fun to make! Otherwise, I keep plodding on with joining the 2" square together, then together again to make 4 patches, etc, etc............and so it goes on, well, you know the story !!!!


Clare said...

We're blowing a gale here for the 2nd time in 2 weeks. Not nice.

Keep warm and safe and avoid flying tuiles.

Gina said...

I'm glad you are starting to feel better.
It's a windy morning here aswell

love and hugs Gina xxx

Comfort Cove Designs said...

We get alot of high wind here, but then we are an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.. We are going through a nasty snow storm today, so we are going through snow day!! I hope to get back to my Double Irish Chain and finish the quilting part of it today!

Quiltingly Yours

Comfort Cove Designs said...

ooh I also meant to mention, love those fabric bags. They are very cute!