Saturday, 30 May 2009

Just in Time !

Here we are at the end of another month and another race to keep up with my own challenge of a ' finish a month'. This month though I have been naughty and finished a new-ish top rather than one of the UFOs that are hibernating in the cupboard!

Don't know if you remember this post and the very last quilt photo - well here's my version of it!

No pattern, just the photo and a couple of measurements provided by the very obliging exhibitor, but it has turned out as a nice quilt and quite a handy size at 4' 6" x 5' 4"! A change from my usual comfort zone , but so quick and easy it was a pleasure to make!

I was a little bit brave (!) and used a varigated orange/yellow thread to quilt it with a large stipple pattern and that turned out a lot better than I expected! I was a little worried how the yellows would be against the blues, but the overall effect is good, and I am really pleased with it!

I am still having some trouble 'turning corners' every now and then with a large stipple pattern, I either end up with a 'pointy' turn or manage to get a 'knot' on the back - ah well, practice, practice and more practice!!!!

I know I showed the clematis yesterday, but this morning there are even more flowers and they are huge!

There is a story behind this plant actually - it had been planted for a couple of years and
showed no signs whasoever of 'doing' anything - in fact, I thought it was dead, and had it in mind to dig it out and replace it ! Luckily it got overlooked & forgotten about when it came to clearing up time because for the last 4 years it has produced masses of these wonderful deep purple/blue flowers !!Just to finish, this morning's view from the bottom of the garden - just look how that maize is growing !!!


Kaye said...

Did you do that quilt in strips and then sew it together? I don't ever attempt a large quilt but I do stipple the smaller ones and was having the same trouble with the corners. It improved some when I slowed down as I was about to turn and turn the material slowly. Don't know if this will help, but try it.Enjoy the weekend and Happy Quilting, Kaye

loulee said...

Your latest quilt looks great. It's good to step out of the comfort zone and challange ourselves now and again.

Susan in N. GA said...

Your version turned out great. The key with machine quilting is definitely practice. I made a whole cloth small quilt one time just to practice, I divided into sections and did each section differently.