Thursday, 28 May 2009

Another Week Gone!

Life at the moment seems a little like the words of a song, you know the one I mean ..........

' We're busy doing nothing, working the whole day through!',

........ not that I ever saw the original film (!) but my Mother loved to sing around the house when we were small and I have many 'snatches' of old songs in my memory which surface every now and then thanks to Mum !!

We have been at it non stop, but if I was asked to show and tell, I don't quite know what I'd come up with! The garden is taking a lot of my time just at the moment and it is really coming into its own at last, so maybe it'll soon be time to sit back and enjoy ! One thing that doesn't stop is the perpetual grass cutting and we've had some great 'grass growing weather' lately, torrential rain one day followed by glorious sunshine the next! The sun we'll keep, but I do wish the rain would go bother someone else for a few weeks!!

I have managed to get a lap size quilt finished, just a couple of inches of binding left to hand stitch tonight, and also a small journal quilt, but no photos yet, maybe tomorrow or over the weekend.As we're being promised a mini heatwave, I might be lucky and get some decent photos outside for a change! So... until I manage the quilty photos, these are some of the new arrivals in the garden this week - proof I think that summer must be lurking out there somewhere !!

The first roses

...clematis looking just like purple velvet !

A very early fuschia, obviously I missed picking out a couple of buds for it to be flowering so soon!

....and just to finish off, another bumble bee ! They just love the 'cushions' of scented geraniums we have around the garden!


Kaye said...

You sure do have a Green Thumb. Your flowers are beautiful. I Love the clementis. A neighbor has a stunning deep lavender one on an arch leading to her house. It goes up both sided. Keep up the good work

Jeannie said...

Oh my gosh those are beautiful! I wish I had a green thumb!!

Suzanne said...

Your flowers are just beautiful!