Thursday, 21 May 2009

Hidden Treasures

Since relocating to Brittany, we 've visited most of the Province, as well as many other parts of France, and Spain & Portugal - after all there isn't much point in living in this part of Europe without making the effort to see as much as we can of our surroundings! On our travels we've passed through so much lovely countryside it would be hard to pick a favourite area, but what is amazing is that we've failed to notice something practically on our doorstep!

Today is Ascension Thursday, a National Holiday here in France, everything is closed and the sun is shining so we decided to just take a little run out to get away from the building site our home has become lately !! Nothing too far away, just a little wander around the back roads to see what turned up, and maybe get a walk in en route .

What we found was this

Just minutes away from a main road that we 've used so often and only a 15 minutes from home, this lovely lake was nestling in a small valley , surrounded by magificent trees and we didn't know it was there!!

A line of oaks that must be very old given the girth of their trunks

Silver Birch & Copper Beech

fields of daisies......

...and bushes of Rhododendron

If you look closely at this next one , you may be able to see the bumble bee on the tip of the left hand blossom !!

There were just a couple of houses dotted around the area, but something to suit all tastes I think!

Tiny but perfectly formed and complete with its own bread oven - bet it's cosy on a winter's day - and who wouldn't be happy to live in this lakeside house !!!!

An unexpected, but thoroughly enjoyable afternoon !! Isn't it surprising what is hidden around those corners if we just take the time to make a little detour instead of rushing from A to B !!!


Kaye said...

I am so happy I found your blog. The pictures that you take are breathtaking, and your descriptions---you should be a tour guide or write articles for a travel magazine. Are you there permanently?

Suzanne said...

What a great adventure. My Hubby & I did some driving last weekend & found some treasures too. Thanks for sharing the photos

Elizabethd said...

Brittany is full of hidden places...we are still discovering some of them! Lovely photos of the lakeside.