Friday, 1 May 2009

April Finishes

Two finishes for April, a day late I know , but our weather has been so horrible all week - wet & cold with a couple of thunderstorms thrown in for good measure - that photos have been impossible!Today the sun is back, could this be a good sign for May , I certainly hope so as these grey days do absolutely nothing for my general health & temper :-)

Some dry weather would be very welcome for this coming week, as we have the builders in on Monday to start the attic conversion (one step nearer to a new workroom !)- and as it's my birthday at the end of next week too, it would be great to have at least one sunny day to make a well overdue visit to the coast!!

Finish No 1 is my first attempt at a Quilt As You Go stringy started from scratch in April - not sure if I am sold on this method but it was certainly a good way to use up a lot of those 'what was I thinking about' fabrics ! Bright and cheerful though, and I am sure it will be put to good use out in the garden on those chilly summer evenings !

Finish No 2 is a Quiltville pattern from my UFO list, although somewhat smaller than Bonnie's coming out at approx 4ft 6ins x 5ft 6ins. This is about as big as I can manange to quilt at the moment, but I live in hope that one day.............!!

The border fabric colours haven't come out very well, which is a shame as it does have a very pretty floral pattern on it

This quilt is destined to be very well travelled as it has been promised to our DS & DIL to join their new 'baby' - a recently (lovingly!) restored VW camper van !

The picture was taken outside the 'old' part of our house which as you can see has local stone for the lower walls and and cob on the top, and look at our lovely rounded doorway! The window just above the camper roof is where my new work room will be in the old 'grenier' or attic - I can't wait for it all to happen!!!!

Just to finish, have you seen the lovely BoM that Jenny is giving away? Well, if you haven't then hurry along and have a look it is a stunner in my book !


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Nice looking camper van. We're off to a local VW show tomorrow where we'll see lots of these.

The quilts are both beautiful and I'm sure both will be well used.

Candi said...

your quilts are just beautiful!