Thursday, 4 June 2009

Resigning from the Human Race!!

Don't you just hate your fellow human beings sometimes? Today was to have been an 'away day' discovering more of the lovely Brittany coastline, but instead it turned into an absolute nightmare when someone broke into our car, ransacked it and stole my handbag out of the boot complete with credit cards, driving licence and many other documents essential to living in France!!

We had only stopped to find a toilet and of course I rushed off without thinking about the bag, I mean the car was locked with nothing in sight! We were gone for 12 minutes exactly and the car was in sight of a small cafe - well there you have it - unbelievable !!

The police where it happened firstly refused to come to the scene and then refused to take our complaint for almost 2 hours whilst they had their lunch!! Their attitude was 'oh it happens all the time at that car park!' DUH!!

Needless to say we didn't take up their invitation to call later but headed straight home so's that we could alert the banks etc of the theft. I have just spent hours at the local police station with a very kind Gendarme sorting out the details, but I suspect that the only thing that will come out of it all is a piece of paper for the insurance company - other than a pounding headache that is and an extra long French language practice!!!

The cards have been cancelled, the cheque numbers recorded so that's no longer a problem - but what is a problem is all the inconvinience caused by having our documents stolen! They are no use to anyone as they all carry photos. They have all been issued to Foreign nationals, so can't be used by anyone else, so why bother taking them when all they can do is dump them !

There's also the small problem of our address and house keys being in my bag, so whether we'll sleep tonight or not is debatable!

So now you'll understand why I am thinking of resigning from the human race and spending more time with my cat - well, for today at least!!


Wil Opio Oguta said...

That is awfull. As you say it is not about the worth of the stolen stuff, but the hassle you have to go through.

Kaye said...

Oh Ann I am so sorry that happened to you. Doesn't it make you feel so violated? Most times in that kind of robbery its desperate people looking for cash or something to sell for drugs. Thats why they take such chances. Imagine, breaking in, ransacking the car and taking your purse in 12 minutes. I definately would change the locks on the car and the house asap. Keep your chin up. at least no one was in the car and no one was in juredpreci

Trish said...

That's an awful thing to have happen. You should probably change the locks on your house, don't take any chances.

Kristie said...

Oh NO!!! How horrible! I can see why you are so stressed! I hope they catch the thief!

I have been stressed today too! But not for reasons like you have...just found out that my 16 yr old has the chance to go on a school trip...9 days to Rome, Florence, Paris and the Swiss Alps!!! I am just sick at the thought of him being halfway around the world without me! :( He will not be going until March so maybe I will adjust to the idea by then!

loulee said...

How can people behave like that?
Try not to worry, and get the locks changed as soon as.

Jo in TAS said...

Oh Ann that's terrible news! I'd change the house locks, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night.

Marianne said...

The most important thing is that neither you nor your husband was hurt! Focus on that and the hassle of all the paperwork fades somewhat.
Make sure you get your locks changed asap both car and house locks and check your insurance policy because it might not cover you if you don't.
I know how upsetting this is for you and I am very, very sorry for you. Such a comfort that you don't live on your own. Take care.

Clare said...

Get the locks changed quickly. It's bad enough having something like that happen in the UK where at least you can speak the language, but over here, with all the "officials". Best of luck with getting the paperwork replaced.

This will cheer you up. Had to go to La Poste the other day to post some letters - England, Paris and Poitiers. In the Paris envelope was my word for Tonya's Halloween Challenge, being sent to her DH for him to take to Florida with him. The lady behind the counter was adamant that tissu should not be posted. You can't post that, it's not allowed. Pas courier she kept on saying. Stuck to my guns and eventually she gave in. Next letter to England was in one of those prepaid envelopes that you get from La Poste. She was sure that those did not include Monde Entier, which was written on the front of the envelope. Non, non et non! I promise you - I'm never ever going to post another letter from Nontron post office if she's behind the counter. God damn French Jobsworth's!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

(((hugs))) that sounds awful. I hope you get everything replaced soon and that the days to come ease some of the frustration and anger. Keep safe.

Gina said...

how awful for you. I remember feeling so violated when my car was broken into a few years ago.
Please change your house locks ASAP for peace of mind if nothing else.
Sending you lots of hugs

love and hugs Gina xxx

katelnorth said...

Oh Ann, how terrible. Will be thinking of you with warm thoughts and loads of hugs.

xxxx kate

(Ok, on a lighter note - you'll never guess my word verification word - "proust" - how funny is that!)