Thursday, 18 June 2009

Crime Scene!

Isn't it lovely !!!

Like many others, we've been having so many problems with IE the last couple of months that it's been driving me mad ! The latest one was that I couldn't upload Google Reader and that is certainly not acceptable (!) so we've taken the plunge and changed over to Firefox, and guess what - it's great, everything is working properly again (for the moment !) and even the photos are 'clickable' - I think !!!!


Kaye said...

I switched to Firefox several months ago. I had aol and the problems got worse and worse. I had my friends hubby down and he checked computer for me. It was his business before he retired, was in charge of repair and upkeep of all computers at Rutgers University. He put me on to firefox and I Love it. No problems and easy to navigate. I just love all the pictures you take, you are like a pro at itounfahn

Trish said...

Great photos! and yes, they are 'clickable'.

Mary L. said...

Did you get the email I sent regarding the siggy swap?

Beautiful pictures !