Sunday, 28 June 2009


Summer has definitely arrived in our part of Brittany (at least for the moment!) with temperatures in the low 30s C (85 - 90 F), and it is certainly hot! Hot! Hot! It's a full time job trying to keep the garden watered and I am so glad I took photos last weekend, as some of the blooms are looking really sorry for themselves in this heat, but at least the cherries are doing well this year!

During the week we managed to replace our driving licences, and it really was a very painless experience! Still reeling from the amount of paperwork we've been through in the last few weeks, I was prepared for yet another tussle with the Authorities but - it wasn't to be!

Our departmental 'Prefecture' is situated in Vannes, some 45 minutes drive away, but it was certainly worth the bother of going there as we only spent 15 minutes processing the documents!

The clerk who dealt with us was extremely helpful and sympathetic, took possession of our (zombie!) photos and our temp driving permit issued by the Gendarmerie, rattled a few keys on her PC, printed the licence, trimmed the photos, encapsulated the whole thing and Voila !! Job Done!! I commented on the speed of the whole operation, after all, when we first changed to French driving licences 8 years ago, we had to wait 2 weeks for them to be issued - don't think this went down too well as I was promptly (and rightly!) put in my place with ' But Madame, we have improved in those years !!' - Ain't technology grand!!

As it was too beautiful a day to waste , and because I don't think I've shown you Vannes
before, a few photos of this very picturesque city!

That's it for now as I am off for a very cold shower - phew!!!

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Gina said...

Don't worry we're sending rain your way. LOL
Love the photos and I'm glad that the licence replacement went smoothly.

Love and hugs Gina xxx