Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Slow News Week!

Not a great deal to talk about so far this week except for the weather!! Monday saw the worse storm of the season, don't quite know which season that is to be honest, but I do know that the storms are getting worse! The forecasted severe weather arrived on time , and we suffered all day Monday and most of yesterday from lashing rain like I have never experienced and gale force wind that literally took your breath away !

Regardless of the weather, Megan still needs attending to, but I can tell you it was very hairy up in the paddocks, and, like most horses, Megs is not settled in high winds ,so trying to straighten her rugs etc was a bit of a nightmare. In the end I decided to fence her into the area in front of the field shelter to encourage her to use it in the first instance, and also to try and avoid any accidents with horses careering around the paddock !!

Something to make you smile - the wind had managed to blow Megs' feed bucket across 2 fields into a field full of dairy cows. Now, I am not afraid of cows, just have a healthy regard for them and much prefer it when there is a fence between us, but they were at the bottom of the field, so no problem, and off I went like a brave little soldier to retrieve the bucket. Battling across the field against the wind was a job in itself, but I really came to grief when the ground literally gave way beneath my feet!! What I thought was solid ground turned out to be not just liquid mud, but enough of it for me to disappear in it up to my knees and to end up with my wellingtons full of the stuff!!! By the time I managed to free myself - guess where the cows were!!! You've got it - gaining on me at a rate of knots thinking it must be feeding time as there was a human in the field !! Speed record for exiting a muddy field now has a new claimant AND I managed to grab the bucket on my way out diving under the fence - no time for opening gates I'm afraid!! Whilst all this was going on DH was sitting in the Landrover watching, and all he could say was 'You should have left the bucket there!!' YEAH!!! Thank You!!

Most of Tuesday was a little calmer, but the gales returned last night and today it is still blowing - ah well!! At least the roof is still on at the moment!!

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Lily Boot said...

Oh poor you! I did have a little smile - but the picture you drew with your words was so vivid, I could feel that soaking mud! Did the cows do anything? My experience with cows is limited to when I was little and visiting my grandparents - we would go hiking across the neighbouring famer's paddocks - our dog would bound past the cows, and we would tiptoe nervously - afraid of their largeness - but they only ever stood there - intimidating but silent! As for your husband - that's exactly what mine would do too! :-)