Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Bad Weather Again !

After nearly 3 weeks of cold, but dry & sunny weather with the odd bit of drizzle thrown in, we are back to winter!!! The last few days have seen high winds with lashing rain and now today - the mother & father of all hailstorms!!! The daffodils look very sad & droopy and the wind has just about stripped all the blossom off the Camellia tree next to the well and it is unbelievable that just a few days ago I found cushions of primroses basking in the sunshine along the banks of the stream !! Needless to say, I am back to wading through the mud up at Meg's paddock and she is one very wet horse again !!!

I have managed to squeeze a few more blocks in between my other sewing projects, but now I am waiting on more fabric arriving from the USA to give me a bigger selection of colours/patterns. It should be here this time next week as I had notification this morning from USPS that it was on its way!!

Top: Pretty Long March(LL) Rebel Spy Hung (LL)
Btm : A Beautiful Picture (CWD)

Top: Letter/Papers from Home (LL) Fight like a Man (LL)
Btm: The Fall of Richmond (LL)

Only other piece of news at the moment is that I have my new appointment for hospital - and depending on how long they keep me in, I could be spending my birthday there - how lucky can a girl get !!!

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Lily Boot said...

Oh I love - now I've forgotten it's name - the one about "like a man"! I too received a new rush of civil war fabric last week - it did indeed add a lovely new dimension to putting together the blocks! Lily