Friday, 21 March 2008

Day Out

Yet another week since I blogged (!!) but this time at least I've had a good reason as DD has arrived safely and there has been quite a lot of catching up to do!! The weather hasn't been too kind to us so far , but at least we managed a few hours of blustery sunshine yesterday so off we went to St Malo. We really struck it just right as today it has been blowing a gale again and we have progressed from rain to SNOW!!

St Malo is our nearest ferry port for the UK and one of the most popular tourist towns in Brittany. Its history as a port goes back to the 1500s, and it's also unique as it is a totally walled city! Unfortunately it suffered quite badly from Allied bombing towards the end of the Second World War and a large number of the buildings had to be reconstructed. However, this does not alter the special charm that the city has, perhaps 'city' it a big word for St Malo as it is really quite small.

I have a few photos to add to the the side bar when I have a bit more spare time, but here are a couple especially for all chocolate cake addicts !!

Sorry about the reflected light in the window - but I am sure that you get the idea of a French Patissierie - cake lovers paradise !!!

I have managed a few CWD/LL blocks too, and will try to post all the photos tomorrow.

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