Sunday, 9 March 2008

Happiness is....

..........Wales winning the Home Nations Triple Crown in Ruby Union yesterday by beating Ireland in their last round match ! DH is deliriously happy to say the least particularly as the last few minutes were cliff hangers!!! Just one thing that would make him feel even better and that is if Wales were to win the 6 Nations Grand Slam Trophy in their match next week - its going to be a great match I think and guess who their opponents are - France!! Talk about divided loyalties !!

Just a couple of blocks to end this week

Top -Bombardment (CWD) Greenfield & Stockton (CWD)

Btm -Going Home (LL)

Top - Premium Prize (CWD) Parlour Activites (CWD)

Btm - Games, Music & Knitting

Think I am just about coming to the end of the 'easy options' so I expect to slow down from now on !!!

There are severe weather warnings in force for the next couple of days, more rain and gale force winds are due to funnel up the English Channel , which means that we will catch it also - does anyone happen to know where Spring has got to ?????

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Annette J said...

Hi Ann no idea what's happening with my email, Sy thinks its my new laptop. I'll try and email from his desktop when he goes out. Probably tomorrow now. Like the blocks by the way, keep up the good work you'll soon have enough for a quilt top.