Friday, 28 March 2008

Catching Up!

I always thought that procrastination was the thief of time - so what happens when you are going at full speed !!!! DD left on Wednesday after the most appalling week weatherwise, I felt so sorry for her and all the other tourists that were in Brittany for Easter. Whilst this is the most lovely & picturesque area in good weather, there is not a great deal to recommend it when the weather is so foul !! Not a successful visit weather wise, but lovely to have her here all the same. In fact, at one stage we did wonder if Sian was going to get home as the rain was so heavy on our way to Rennes that we had to pull off the expressway and sit out the cloudburst as the wipers were just not clearing the front screen, and then - the approach roads to the airport were flooded!!!

Since then its been the usual round of housework, washing & ironing (Ugh!!) which always seem to mount up when you try to ignore them for a few days - so - Voila! Friday again!!!

These are a few of the photos that I took on our visit to St Malo

Golfe de St Malo - the bay from the city walls or ramparts.

The bay is full of small islands, mainly uninhabited, and some very vicious rocks which makes for quite an interesting ferry docking!

The old fort,once used as a prison, which is cut off at high tide but reached quite easily across the sands when the tide is out

Hotel de Ville, or Town Hall, built into the walls.

A typical apartment block inside the walls. This was taken off the ramparts so no ground floor! Most of the buildings are like this, obviously some more ornate than others!

Looking down on some of the gardens around the city

Pavement cafes around the square - quiet this weekend but filled with wall-to-wall tourists in the holiday season!

Just a little taster of our day out ! I suppose we should be grateful for at least one dry day!!!!

On a last little note - my latest CWD quilt blocks! These might have to last me a little while as we have decided to go away for a few days next week as a late Easter trip- I have been promising myself a visit to the Chateau de Versailles now that they have re-opened the Hall of Mirrors after a mammoth refurbishment and at least it will be one place that will be dry (I hope !!!!)

From LL

Top - Another Death : Pleasures of Sweet Home : Runaway Slave
Btm - 64 Pound Shell : At Last A Free Man : Last Letter Home

From CWD

Top - Confusion & Turmoil : Misfortune
Btm - Surrender of Vicksburg : Visit to Town

These bring my total to around 50 blocks, so I think I can get away next week without feeling guilty and maybe even get on with something new in between !!!!

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Juliann in WA said...

Wow - 50 blocks is great. I think you deserve a break. Hope you have a nice trip.