Wednesday, 5 March 2008

New Arrival!

No - my fabric has not arrived! Instead I thought you might like a change of subject and have a look at this little fellow!

15 days old and so cute - don't you just want to cuddle him ! Brittany has its own breed of heavy horses and when they are born they are all this blonde colour even though their coats may change colour as they get older. I am not sure what their registered breed name is, can't get to the bottom of it. They are known locally as Harras and there are two National Studs in our immediate area ,both well worth a visit. This foal was born in a field within sight of our house, as many of the Bretons breed them just for the love of it ! Fully grown they are about the same size as a Clydesdale or Percheron, and maybe a bit heavier - as you can see, Mum is a big girl!!!
The change in the weather is just incredible! The sun is back today but we have a really cruel east wind blowing, so not quite as pleasant as it looks!
No sewing today yet, grass cutting & gardening chores (!!) whilst the weather is fair has been the order of the day, I'm afaid - perhaps I can get something done this evening !


Lily Boot said...

He is very, very sweet - how lucky you are to be living in such a beautiful spot - even if the weather is very poorly behaved at the moment!

aykayem said...

oooh very cute! ... I want to hug the mum too :-)
If the Mum is big - then that foal is HUGE ... he may have grown a bit in the 15 days since he was born, but he still must have been a fairly big "baby" for the mum to give birth to - ouch! LOL
btw, it got the better of me - I did a bit of google searching to try and find out the breed - turns out it is called the Breton horse!
hmmmm ... I want one! ... in fact more than one would be nice ... pity I don't live on a farm ... sigh ...
(actually I am not sure if we even have any of that breed here in Australia anyway)