Sunday, 28 September 2008

Working Overtime !

In spite of all the drama over the last few days, I have actually managed to get into my sewing room and finish off a few things !

Firstly, there is the Amy Butler 'Birdie Sling' which I had made a start on just before going to the UK.

This is a BIG bag! It was reasonably easy to put together in the end, and the fabrics were a delight to work with! It will probably end up going to DGD1 as she is 'in to' big bags at the moment.

Then my fabric postcard from Brigitte arrived , which I am ashamed to admit I had forgotten about (hanging my head !). Brigitte and I have been doing a little private swap for some months now and it all started off because we were the only 2 French residents in some of the Yahoo! FPC Groups taking part in the swaps.

My card from Brigitte is probably a better representation of 'Postage Stamps' than mine to her !

Being in a rush, the best thing I could come up with was to take a pic of an enamel wall plaque I have of an antique postcard, and turn it into a FPC using T-shirt transfer paper and a bit of FME , I only hope she likes it !! Don't now why the pic is so dark again !

Lastly, I was looking for some hand sewing to do whilst over in the UK , and came across Stitchers' Angels . Now I know the swap has been closed this long time, but I did like the little sewing bag that was on the Blog so I've decided to become an 'unofficial' angel , well at least for this bag !! Now it has been many a year since I used a needle to do anything more than sew down quilt bindings (!!) but I thought I could probably manage a bit of back stitching - Voila !!

I must say I enjoyed making it and in fact am considering having a go at the Noah's Ark
free stitchery BOM - fun to look at and nothing too big or complicated !! Well - its got to be better than watching repeats on the TV !!!

So all in all, quite a productive couple of days, and all that remains now is to clear up this mess before starting the next project !!


Elizabethd said...

Very impressed! What is a BOM?

loulee1 said...

Wow, busy busy busy. Your bags look great.
I enjoy doing a little stitchery now and again, it feels like a change of pace.

Karol-Ann said...

Lovely projects! Why does my space always look like that???