Saturday, 13 September 2008

Big Stitch Quilting- cont'd

Ginger_Curls left a comment on my last post, but unfortunately she is on 'no reply' ,so this is just a short note in case she visits again!!

I don't know why my photos don't enlarge to be honest, I upload them according to instructions, but then I have never understood the perculiarities of Blogger or why certain things happen (or not as is the case !!)

So for Ginger_Curls and anyone else interested, please take a look at Patti's post about what she calls 'utility quilting' (yet another name !) and her photos can be enlarged I promise you !!! The other way is to Google 'Big Stitch Quilting' - lots of links to look at !

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Ginger_Curls said...

Thank you Ann! I have spotted a little tick box that means Blog owners get my email address when I comment (I think that's what is for anyway). Thank you for the pointers to where I can find out more about Big Stitch Quilting.