Tuesday, 23 September 2008

What a Welcome Home!!

Just back home after a lovely few days spent in the UK with DD & DGD ! The bank balance is looking a little sorrier than when I left (!) but is, in fact , even worse than we thought ! Within 30 minutes of getting home, just sitting down to a nice cup of coffee and the phone rang to tell us that there was a potential problem with our credit card ! Somehow, someone has got hold of our details and been on a spending spree !!

In some respects we have been lucky that it was spotted very quickly and as far as we know approx £250 has been used, but now we have the inconvenience of having our credit account frozen until the transactions have been investigated by the credit card fraud people, and until they are satisified that it is a genuine fraudulent transaction we will have to foot the bill !!

How do you protect from this kind of theft ? We only use this credit card for internet purchases, only use secure sites, never give our information to anyone, in fact this card never leaves 'home', but still its been hacked into by someone !! I feel particularly guilty about it all as I use it more than DH for buying my quilting fabrics !!

So now we start the painfully long-winded process of getting our account cleared and a refund against the amount taken !! All I can say is that I hope the person who bought a Nokia phone using my credit card gets a lot of pleasure out of it !!!

Welcome Home indeed !!!!!!!!


Elizabethd said...

Was it a French or English card? I use mine for buying and it does worry me sometimes. Sorry you have had all that trouble.

Karol-Ann said...

How annoying! There is so much criminal activity these days it's sick! Hope it gets sorted soon. And a BIG thank you for my lovely gift!!!

Jo in Tas said...

That's scary, hope they catch the thief and chop off his fingers!

Elle Emm said...

We were victims of credit card fraud and they replaced our cards immediately and refunded the amounts on our card. Worst part was that we had our cards in hand but someone whent to a store with a credit card with our # on it. And the other incident (both on the same card the same month that we moved here) was someone that was paying their cell phone bill to the tune of $1,000.00!! on MY credit card!

loulee1 said...

Oh! Boy, I'm with you on the guilt thing. We had someone using our card recently and I got an attack of the guilts cause it's me who uses it!
I do hope it's all sorted out soon.